Every good movie starts with a good screenplay.

But taking a script and turning it into a finished audiovisual product is no easy task. It takes a lot of knowledge and involves a great variety of professions over many steps to get there. Budgeting, Financial Strategy, Financing and Resource Acquisition Plans, Production Planning, Following the Culture Incentive Laws… There are a lot of challenges to get through!

How about a partner during this process?

Elisa Tolomelli was responsible for the production of internationally successful and multi-award winning films like Central do Brasil, Cidade de Deus and Lavoura Arcaica and produced films like Maria do Caritó and Berenice Procura, and she can help in creating the best strategies for your project!

The consulting services can be presential or online. In an individual and personalized format, you will have the advice of one of the great Brazillian audiovisual producers.

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