What you need to know to produce cinema… in any medium!

Production Planning , financial strategy, resource acquisition, logistics, renting equipment, day to day order. Calm down… Don’t be intimidated!

When Elisa Tolomelli shows that, beyond technical knowledge, emotional intelligence is a fundamental characteristic of a good cinema producer, everything seems easier to understand. This quality is crucial for someone who will need to show entrepreneurship and leadership, as well as having management and planning knowledge.

After participating in Elisa Tolomelli’s Masterclass, the student will have the tools needed to find his own way in audiovisual production, even if the movie is filmed with a smartphone.

There will also be no doubts about the workings of this profession. Who does it? What do they do? How do I get there? What is the market looking for? What are the differences in producing for cinema, TV or streaming? How do I handle a small, medium or large production? How do I take it from ideas to market? It sounds like a lot, and it is.

But at the end of the Masterclass, you will have learned the essentials of the daunting process of everything that goes into film production – and will know all the major pitfalls to avoid – and you will feel a lot more confident to go out on your own and conquer your objectives.

Registre seu interesse neste curso!

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